What is Sprint Assessment?

To compensate the weakness in 360-degree feedback, and to maximize the upside.

Consider various viewpoints

Visualization of various viewpoints. Providing HR infomation for management.

Get started for free

You can build a HR assessment system right now. Free plan for 5 assessees is available.

What leading people are saying

  • “The job is direction for a past leader but listening is important for a future leader.”
    Peter Ferdinand Drucker
  • “Of the trinity of management resources "people, goods and money" people have the most potential. A machine can be replicated, but you can't replicate a human being. Productivity can't be doubled by creating HR system or rules. But with just one word, you can get 5 to 10 times the productivity.”
    Yosuke Yagi
  • “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”
    Peter Ferdinand Drucker
  • “50 employees, 50 individual characters. So if a leader does not lead them all in the single direction, they fall apart. Also, a company where the employees are comfortable and indulgent will eventually become unsuccessful. The leader should keep asking employees "What is right things for this company" with an unshakable belief.”
    Kazuo Inamori
  • “Most employees are ordinary people. Such people like reasonable and righteous people more than the irrational ones. Sometimes it's difficult to do things the right way. But it's easy to quit unreasonable habits or customs. In doing so, the employees will get motivated. It takes just courage.”
    Yosuke Yagi
  • “Now, most of us, even those of us with modest endowments, will have to learn to manage ourselves. We will have to learn to develop ourselves. We will have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution.”
    Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Features full-screen video.

This video is special promotion of Weiver.

Get StartedFeatures in detail

Easy to set up!



Register company info.

Register staff with UI like Excel. Set up viewpoints and challenges templates, affiliations and attributes, and supervisor-subordinate relations. You can use many templates of viewpoints and challenges.

Create assessment project

Why is this assessment required? Who assesses who? From when to when does the assessments last? What is viewpoint? Crick or tap to easily create them.

Assess and analyse

Click or tap to assess by staff’s own smart phone or tablet or PC. Reduce the time and effort spent on tallyng votes. Click a button once to output reports, then get the extensive data and beautiful graphs.

Do you need a human resources advisor?

We provide a HR option service for our customers.



A few of Weiver’s core features

How register staff?

It’s easier to register staff if you have an excel sheet of email and name of staff.

Register affiliation and attribute

For further details of reports, register “affiliation and attribute” like a post or unit or something you want.

Register supervisor-subordinate relation

You will get elaborate analysis if set them. You can change the results interactively when changing power of relation.

Customizing viewpoints templates

Each company has different viewpoint for staff’s skills or potentials.  You can also use many master templates to create custom templates.

Challenges and challenge templates

Create challenges and challenge templates. It’s easy to create review project from a challenge.

How to set “review project ”

It’s hard to review others. You just set “who to who”, “When”, “What”, “Period”. Then, Weiver send email and collect review result and output report automatically.

Interactive voide/viewpoints weight tool

Do you know staff’s strong or good point? Do you know weak point of competent staff concretely? From whom is he or she valued? You should know that but Weiver support you.

Beautiful graphs and interactive reports

Weiver support you to analyse result of an assessment. You can check fairness, personality of staff and disposition of reviewer.

Output PDF for feedback

Feedback for staff is very important. You can make PDF of customized report for each staff.

Meet our team

Our team hope all employee’s happiness and growth of all companies within Weiver. We keep trying to give vitality to HR that is most important of all corporate resources.


For business manager

For business manager

You know, all that a manager wants accomplishment, not a system. What is an “accomplishment” in HR? Decision about labor, salaries, job assignments, should be perceived as accomplishments. In HR, they are all considered personal growth for creating leadership skills. That’s where “Weiver” comes in. 

For personnel department

For personnel department

Adoption system decide your onset. Can’t afford to take a wrong one. Dont select “most appropriate one” that satisfy your requirements. Select “best one”. Because the problems is change at all time in HR. Please try Weiver is available to use immediately.

For HR consultant

For HR consultant

The hardest work is to understand a client. Then creating a sheet, distributing, tallying, and creating a report. Using Weiver, it is almost OK after understanding a client. Concentrate on core work, use your time to make quality or to find new customers. 

For employee

For employee

If you are a reviewee, you would think that an assessment should be reasonableness and be righteousness. Sometimes it’s very difficult to do right thing. But if your boss select Weiver, the manager is a person who going to quit unreasonableness. 

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