What is “sprint review”?

What is “sprint review”?

Sprint review system is very small 360-degree feedback. To be frank, it’s systematical evaluation meeting.

Why sprint review?

Because it maximize on the effect of 360-degree feedback. Advantage of 360-degree feedback is in its “objectivity” and “realization”. The other hand, 360-degree feedback has been tested and found its heavy disadvantages. I won’t go into details but one of the disadvantages is that takes too much time.
Sprint review gives employees daily realization. And it’s useful as objective information when superior assesses subordinates.


Features of sprint review as follows..

  1. Sprint review is implemented often like monthly or at the end of a project period.
  2. About 3 to 5 simple viewpoints.
  3. About 3 to 5 assessees (reviewees). At a maximum 7.
  4. Result of assessment should be only as a guide.
  5. Assessor (reviewer) is not required skill of assessment.
  6. Lightheartedness is very important.
  7. Emphasis is on candid opinion than proper one.”

For what?

There are two purposes.

One: Let employee know one’s condition in short time, and applying to next one’s behavior. Put more simply, it’s evaluation meeting.

Two: Superior knows subordinate’s condition constantly, then superior can objective and pointed advice at this time or regular personnel evaluation.

Weiver is optimized for the sprint review.

Review by stars.

Star review lighten up an assessee (reviewer).

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Save your time considerably.

The idea like sprint review was too idealistic. Because all employees have one’s regular tasks and have no time to examine one’s attitude towards. But competent employee do so often, so all employees should constantly examine what was good point or bad point in the past.

Weiver make it possible.

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