Ryosuke Hashimoto

Ryosuke Hashimoto

Product Developer

Weiver supports managers with strong flexibility.

A company should have flexibility to adapt socially while also having real value. Development, difference, installation, business are built on a social rules that is changed by the minute. Also, the rules are changing so fast. It’s about having a diversified HR. Diversified HR means such as race, nationality, sex, lifestyle (it is time and place). It’s over that employees have to be geared to a company’s rules. Employees make the rules, and let they do great.

What should a company do in the field of HR? That is to update HR according to changing social, changing own business, changing technology, and changing people. HR system updating is more than important, it is a requirement. Who’s going to do this work? Ordering professional of HR is best idea. But if company can’t have the cost for them, manager should do.

Weiver supports the manager with strong flexibility.

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