I’m a manager.

I want to do personnel evaluation. But how?

It’s easy to create “Review project” for personnel evaluation.

What is “Assessment project”?

Assessment project is settings like who assesses who, viewpoint, and deadline.

Hear is 30 seconds short video how to create “review project”.

Then, Weiver send e-mail to assessors automatically.

Wait until they review.



I’m a staff.

I received an e-mail from the manager with Weiver. Then, what should I do?


Let’s assess.

An assessor can assesses somebody anywhere by smart phone, tablet or PC.

Output report

The manager who create the review project can output reports anytime.

Beautiful Graphs and tools.

 Weiver show you beautiful graphs and provide UI for analysing. The reports are very interactive. You can check somebody’s strong point, and you can also check his/her assessments from different divisions. From all angles, you can analysis about your staff.


Beautiful Graphs and tools

Weiver show you beautiful graphs and provide UI for analysing. Report is very intaractive. You can check somebody’s strong point or from which division somebody is valued and so on.


Table for analysis

This table enable you to analyze strong/weak point, divided opinions, each average of viewpoints, total point, ranking, and point from each assessors. It is also easy to compare someone with someone.


Personal report

This part have many kind of personal data, average graph, deviation score, radar graph, assessors graph, average, total, ranking, and comments from assessors. There are also various statistical data in this part. For example what is most average viewpoint, and what is most controversial viewpoint and so on.

Report Sharing

Share report for secondary evaluation.

PDF output

Output PDF of report for employee’s feedback.

CSV output

Coming soon.

Mobile Ready.


Weiver is designed based on responsive layout. Buttons is large enough to use by tablet or smart phone. No drag’n drop. Just tap or click or scroll or type to use all functions. *Report is supported only PC.

This video is special promotion video of Weiver.

Get Started

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